Sponsored Research

Completed / Ongoing about 20 research projects with outlay of approximately Rupees 28 crores.


SN Title Funding Agency
Amount in Lakhs Rs.
1. Site Characterization and Attenuation Studies for Garhwal Kumaun Himalaya and Delhi Region Ministry of Earth Science Jan 2016 –Jan 2019  


2. Earthquake Early Warning System for Northern India Ministry of Earth Science 2013-17 375.00
3. Strong Ground Motion Studies and its Applications Ministry of Earth Science 2011-14 164.79
4. Estimation of site effect and ground motion in Delhi and Mexico City using strong ground motion data  


DST, New Delhi







5. Design earthquake ground motion using recorded time histories: Estimation using neural network BRNS, Mumbai 2008-2011 15.87
6. Strong Motion Instrumentation Network in Delhi DST, New Delhi 2007-2010 45.81
7. National Strong Motion Instrumentation Network DST, New Delhi 2004-2009 1201.40
8. Indo Norwegian Programme of Institutional Co-operation on Earthquake Engineering Kingdom of Norway 2003-2005 69.50
9. Installation of Strong Motion Array in Guwahati for Site Characterization & Instrumentation of Multistoreyed Building DST, New Delhi 2003-2006 96.37

(Funds at IIT G)

10. Structural Identification and Health Monitoring of Multistoried Reinforced Concrete Buildings MHRD, New Delhi 2003-2005 16.00
11. Seismic Studies, upgradation and maintenance of instrumented multistoried buildings DST, New Delhi 2002 –07 21.20
12. Seismic Design of Soft Storey in Reinforced Concrete Building based on analytical and experimental studies DST, New Delhi 2002-2005 6.86
13. Attenuation Studies through a Small Window of Garhwal Himalaya through Strong Motion Instrumentation DST, New Delhi 2000-2004 97.19
14. Strong Motion Studies in Himalayas DST, New Delhi 1997-2004 138.41
15. Structural Response Studies through Instrumentation of MultiStoreyed Buildings World Bank/  DST, New Delhi 1996-2002 231.78
16. Upgradation of Shake Table DST, New Delhi 2000-2002 104.26
17. Preparation of Atlas of Strong Motion Instrumentation DST, New Delhi 1999-2001 6.37
18. Strong Motion Instrumentation of Bihar Region DST, New Delhi 1996-2000 56.82
19. Development of Digital Accelerograph DST, New Delhi 1989-1992 5.50
20. Indian National Strong Motion Instrumentation Network DST, New Delhi 1976-1997 » 140.00