Ph.D. (Awarded)

  1. Hemant Kumar Vinayak; “Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Detection of Structures” Co Supervisors: Dr. S.K. Thakkar and Dr. Pankaj Agarwal
  2. Jitendra Pratap Singh; “Structural Response of Buildings in Earthquakes considering the effect of soil-structure interaction” Co Supervisors: Dr. S.K. Thakkar and Dr. Pankaj Agarwal
  3. Himanshu Mittal “Estimation of Ground Motion in Delhi” Co Supervisor: Dr. Kamal
  4. Rakhi Bhardwaj “Algorithm for Earthquake Early Warning System” Co Supervisor: Dr. M.L. Sharma
  5. Rajiv Sachdeva “Application of ANN in Strong Ground Motion Prediction” Co Supervisor: Prof. M.L. Sharma
  6. Roshan Kumar ” Time Frequency Analysis of Ground Motion Data” Co Supervisor Dr. P. Sumathi
  7. Nitesh Ahir “ANN for Structural Health Monitoring of RC Buildings: Experimental Validation” Co Supervisor Prof. S.K. Thakkar

Ph.D. (In Progress) : 4


M.E. / M. Tech. (Awarded)

  1. A.V. Mittal; “Comparison of Schemes for Correction of Accelerograms Obtained from Analog Accelerographs”  1991.
  1. K. Singhal, “Performance of Digital Accelerograph by Shake Table Testing”. 1991.
  2. K. Lawania; “System Identification of Circuit Breaker Pole; 1992.
  3. Daljeet Singh Sachdeva; “Adaptive Time Stepping Analysis for some Dynamic Problems, January 1997.
  4. Sanjeev Bhaware, “Analysis for Nodal Response of Multistoried Building using Synchronous Noise” . 2004
  5. Raju Soni, “Seismic Analysis of Rotating Shaft Supported on Bearings” 2005
  6. Atanu Bhattacharya “Estimation of Spectral Acceleration in Himalayan Region using Strong Ground Motion Data”, 2005
  7. Alokendu Bhattacharya “Effect of Piezoelectric Crystal Used as a Vibration Damper”. 2006
  8. Pisal Yogesh Dattatraya “Spectrum Compatible Time History with Fling and its Effects on Structures” 2006
  9. Siva Sankar Rao Panditi “Seismic Assessment of Continuous Boxgirder Bridge with Tall Piers” 2007
  10. Satish Chandra, K. “Structural Health Monitoring and damage Detection of a Bridge Structure”, 2007
  11. Rajesh Kumar “Effect of Near Fault Ground Motion on Bridge Pier” 2007
  12. Arjun, C.R. “Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Generating Strong Ground Motion Parameters”, 2008
  13. Rakesh, M.S. “Vibration Characteristics of a Steel Frame Using Piezoelectric Crystals as Dampers”, 2008
  14. Nitin K. Tajne “Damage Detection in Four Storied Structure Using ANN with Experimental Validation” 2009
  15. Soumyadipta Sarkar “Estimation of PGA using Artificial Neural Network” 2009
  16. Sathe Prashant Dasharath “Estimation of Governing Parameters of Structure Subjected to Ground Motion Using Transfer Function Approach” 2010
  17. S. Venugopal “Comparison of Site Specific PGA Using Neural Network and Regression Models” 2010
  18. Prabakaran K. “Health Monitoring of a Multistorey Building using Artificial Neural Network” 2011
  19. Gyayak Bhuta “Efficacy of Tuned Mass Damper for Seismic Response Reduction on Steel Bridges” 2011
  20. Manu Mohan S. “A Neural Network Approach for Earthquake Early Warning Systems” 2011
  21. P. Nitesh Patel “Magnitude Estimation using Tc – Pd Method for Earthquake Early Warning”, 2012
  22. Rebecca Ramhmachhuani “Development of  Strong Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Seismic Hazard Analysis”, 2012
  23. Vishal Nellikwar “Seismic Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Bridge”, 2012
  24. Shibi Rajaram “Model Updating of Cable Stayed Bridges”, 2013
  25. Bhanu Pratap Chamoli “Study of Noise Characteristics of Strong Motion Sensors and Development of Software for Real Time Testing of EEW Algorithms”, 2013
  26. Bhavesh Pandey “Influence of Local Site Conditions on Strong Motion Characteristics at Tarai Region of Uttarakhand”, 2013
  27. Shashi Pratap Singh “Influence of Local Site Effects on Earthquake Early Warning Systems”, 2014
  28. Abhishek Sharma “Location of Earthquakes for Earthquake Early Warning Systems”, 2014
  29. Olympa Baro “Intensity Attribute for Earthquake Early Warning System”, 2014
  30. Akhil Sivanandan “Structural Health Monitoring Using Experimental Results”, 2014
  31. A. Shivaditya “Testing of EEW algorithms using Model Systems, 2015

M. Tech. (In Progress) : 2